Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

yea so...

still feeling kinda light headed but after a day of relative chill I'm enough better to realize I'm actually alive... (felt so doa this morning... yuck)

Geo and I made a contraption out of parts garnered from the shattered remains of a pc-cd-player that stopped working and met the hammer... a little nine volt battery, a motor, a micro switch, some wires, some tape, a "platform". He totally groks the concept of an open / closed circuit and, thanks to a little tongue action on the contacts of the battery... a new found respect for electricity. He's taking it to show and tell this week... :D

My mom brought the kids home around 2:00 so I managed a good sleep... hehe... I thought I'd shower and geek out for a while... but that turned into pass-out-and-sleep-like-the-dead!

Next? Just got back from a quick run to the stores and the boiz and I will be making home made pizza's for dinner.

I hope my buds here in the only world were everyone has great teeth and good breath are having a good sunday....

xo <-- no really, if I could... I grab y'all and bite ya.


ps. The weather outside could be worse... but we'd have to move to hell first... freezing rain... rain... crummy....

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