Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Hey baybee.... Ok... this is me feeling a whole lot better. I got a good sleep last night... helped a bit by uncle tylonal... extra strength night time cold caps... popped two and hit the hay. I purposely slept in (way in) so now I'm cruising towards work on the last express bus. My throat isn't sore but I'm not fooling anyone... I'll have to take it easy this weekend to avoid the death bed that Z has been in all week.

She's doing a bunch better... she was up yesterday a bit and has a little appetite back.... However, she's getting her hair done today and most likely going to this big benefit gala tonight (she's a "celebrity volunteer" giving a "black cocktail dress" assist to a local radio celeb. I hope she's feeling good enough to go 'cause she looks great in the dress and the exp will be good karma for her... but that's only if she feels good enough to go... I'd hate for her to be sick all week again. yikes....

~ um, it's friday... leopard print.
~ um... it's cold... snug black ftl's over 'em.
~ blue jeans,
~ the big orange stripe shirt...
~ I have a ton of work to do today...
~ I want to get a look at some php image managers for my web site... (tonight)
~ Olympics opening ceremonies .... (i love the Olympics... yet I hate the IOC and all it's bull shit...)
~ continue to try and figure out why some peeps are blocked or cant resolve my web space...
~ that my good friend kristylicious is ok and that her family has found the peace that comes with the closure ...
~ I miss a Lj friend... I'm not sure what was wrong but I know she's pissed about something and she left... I hope she comes back. She's precious...

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