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ahhh morning again...

All this crap about Canadian soldiers capturing al-dickhead warriors and handing 'em over to the US troops... let alone the news items about the US handling of the prisoners at Camp X-Ray... reminds me of that moment in Saving Private Ryan, when the german guy, the one Tom Hanks lets go, shows up later and shoots him. Do you know about the Canadian guy being held in Saudi... who's bitching about his treatment? Oh, and about the camp name... X-Ray... it's in Cuba right? They should open a new camp at Gunne Pointe* down in Florida. Just imagine the headlines... "Detainee's held... "

~ blue jeans...
~ maroon t and company denim...
~ just feeling casual today.
~ to kinda go nutz with the project today...
~ I got lots of sleep and I have lots to do!!
~ I could get a couple of days on my own to just work on little projects I have waiting in the wings at home... This, btw, is not going to happen.
~ to send out a big smooooch and a heart felt thank you to my friend raylenetaskoski... Ray? I got your letter... very sweet and... yes, very 70's!!

Today is officially (well, for me anyways) Shout Out To SandyPaws Day... that would be my friend sandcat... little miss Ivy... who's name makes me think of Drew from the movie Poison Ivy, then maybe a little about Uma (Poison Ivy) in the movie Batman & Robin - and I can't say Uma, without thinking Oprah... Oprah and Uma is just fun to say... and - discounting for my natural born revulsion for Oprah, all that thinking makes me love the name IVY... Hi Peabody Ivy and yes I do to talk about you! :D Now, k'mere... sit down here beside me for a minute... let's talk about leather pants for a bit...

I did some of my taxes last night... I don't have my T4 yet but my end-of-year pay-stub has most of what I need.... looks like - this is hilarious - if I borrow $7000 to invest in additional RRSP's my return will be $7100... which is, of course, enough to pay off the loan... gotta love how that works...

* yea, ok I made that up... no such a place...

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