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ok... synchro heaven

Um... hahah... quick ... look at me... I'm lying on the floor beside my desk giggling and kicking my legs in the air... hahahaa... bwaahahahaha

I've noticed this icon in IE5.5 for a while... the "Create Mobile" thing in the main button bar... it's there when my hand held (the Jornada 820 that I write all my morning posts on) is connected to my desktop.

I'VE NEVER CLICKED IT... well, never before NOW!!!!

Oh my freaking god!!!! I can schedule this thing to automatically grab, parse, copy and sort my whole fucking friends page into my hand held every day before I leave the office... This versus printing out 80 pages of paper to read on the bus... Oh lord this is a wonderful moment of light-bulb'ishness... you know... the audible click as that baby lights up above my head... hahaha...

~dancing around the office...

Never mind... didn't quite work. :D

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