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Smells like teen spirit

Yea... this may be sick...

brain filling with memories of a Bryan Adams concert... sitting half way up the arena seats... standing room only on the floor... but during the wait for music... everybody is sitting on the floor - squished...
Warm up band...? not bad... but not memorable...
an-den? an-den?

Bryan Adams comes bolting in through the crowd to run up on stage while all the lights are still on... every freaking soul in the building is on her feet... yea I said "her" 'cause the place was maybe 80% girls... I was there with my girl friend and her sister...

K... sit 20 thousand teenage girls in a hot steamy arena for a couple of hours... oh, get most of 'em drunk first... then have the whole lot of 'em stand up at the same time.

I cannot listen to Bryan Adams without remembering how I was knocked back into my chair when the scent wafted past me.... dear god...

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