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Back from swimming...

... and he got his report card... He's very proud. We got Tim-Bits to celebrate.

So, I'm a busy beaver today...
um... Ed's doing really well today... no temperature and only some coughing...
and Z, is seriously sick and in bed... not a really happy camper when she's under the weather...

Got home and had a shower, cleaned the bathroom... no really cleaned the bathroom... we're talking scrubbing baseboards here... cleaned up kitchen, unpacked, packed dishwasher, got some laundry in. Now it's folding clothes time... feed kids lunch, and make the grocery list. Then off to get groceries and maybe go to IKEA to get another Narvik toy/hope chest. Nothing like a little Swedish chest... :D

I may - only may - go and buy something off my birthday wishlist... the Hardcore Geek parts... we'll see how everyones doing.

k, I gotta fly... peace out y'all... (<-- I really oughtta stop say'en "y'all" huh...)

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