Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

g'mornin lj...

Hola... welcome to friday... welcome to the land of ice and hellish road conditions. First thing my brain registered this morning was the voice on the radio saying all the school buses in the region were cancelled... this translates nicely into "quick find day care for a million kids...". Everything has a 5 millimeters layer of ice on it.... everything... yikes.

Ok... stephy_banana wants her buds to kick her ass into submission on a 'stick to your diet and exercise' regime... well, I think I really to go that way with the whole get the fuck to bed thing... I mean, I will never be a bed-by-10 person... baring sickness or global catastrophes, however, getting there (bed) by 1:00 would be a dam sweet idea. Noting, mind you, that I've been to bed at 2:00 every night this week, I am surprisingly composed today...

~ um... friday... pick, pick... black
~ blue jean baby...
~ maroon t with a company denim shirt.
~ talking to my filters today...
~ finishing some major milestones on the "big project"
~ huddling against the cold and general yuckiness of the freezing rain.
~ tonight? gotta get a DVD tonight... I feel the need for blockbuster entertainment...
~ that you would join the faces community.*
~ I haven't heard from my favourite "other spice" in a while... I hope the sweet cinnamon girlis doing well...

So... did ya watch Idiot Island last night? Katherine, the boob job girl that single handedly (or is that "facedly"?) keeps Revlon in business, and Edmundo (the slimy little snot), so completely deserve each other it's almost utterly comical. Besides the facination with watching these people put Darwin on a pedistle, the show is practically worth watching just to see what new shape the host "mark wallburg?" can twist his face into in his never ending efforts to impart sympathy. How he can keep a straight face through some of the stuff he says is a total miracle.

* faces is a neverending stream of some incredible slices of the universe... This is gonna sound goofy, but it's a fantastic view of hiar styles... "real people hair" hairstyles... and, in general, so many beautifully normal faces...

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