Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

LJ Birthday Baby...

Happy Birthday carrie

k... Lets see if I can put down in words...
I hope you don't mind... I hope you don't mind... If I put down in words...
... It's Carrie's birthday today.

Here follows shameless birthday girl fawning... for those of you that cannot stand this kind of thing... look away before it's too late!

Every now and then, it dawns on me that among the people in my journal land there walks a few Faberge characters... people who strike me to my very core with the belief, the sense, that the beautiful and beguiling shell will pale in comparison to what I find when I look inside.

Carrie? You are my most precious example of a Faberge friend. I will forever and always be warmed by the gift of small glimpses beyond the surface. You carry within you so much spirit, knowledge, wisdom and wonder that it fills me with happiness to count you as a friend. When I wish you a happy birthday, know that I am well and truly hoping with all of my heart for your happiness.

I sincerely hope that this next year brings to you the warm comfort of love from your friends and that passion fills your heart. I hope that the opportunities to pursue creative expression never run out and that you keep the shoutcast thing going! :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Pneevr (lol), Happy Birthday to you!

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