Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Aside from feeling all crumm for a friend, today has really lived up to my expectations... :D

A good and a productive day... wohoo... look at me go.

Now it's time to go home to the land of the coughing kiddies... Geo has asthma and his coughing has gone on for years... treated - of course - with a puffer, it subsides... but he "knows" that he coughs a lot... and now this cold, deep chest cough thing is just bumming him hard. He came to me two nights ago in tears and quietly asked "when I am going to stop coughing?"... this breaks my heart... No worries.. he's on the mend and his asthma will be well cared for.. :D

Ed, on the other hand, is still just a wee bit of a guy and when he gets really sick, he just does not really understand why or what it all means.

So doctor mom and doctor dad tonight... maybe the good doctors will watch a movie tonight... :D, we'll see.

Peace out mis buenos amigos... fill you're life with love... what exactly is the downside?

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