Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ok, one way or another, today is going to be a fantastic day.... and that is saying a lot considering the foundations. I woke up late (not much... but enough that I'm all rushing around) and that thing in my throat is going on again (swollen uvula*), I have a nagging cough and my nose is doing a ol'faithful impression.

Both of my little goobs are sick... Geo is all horse (voice! no tail) although he seems to be on the mend, and now Ed is in full sick kid swing...

The day will be a great day, because I really want it to!!! I'm off to a meeting at my regular office first thing... which means I'll get to buy some crack** and some descent coffee. I have a huge bag of munchies to restalk my desk at my client office.... (fruit cups, granola bars, aples, and yes... *gasp* cheesies... the hard crinkly kind ... yum).

~ black ftl's and groovy sox.
~ pale green, kinda beige cuffed pants...
~ dark blue... almost black (my way of covering for the fact that I'm wearing it with pale green pants) turtle neck.
~ meeting downtown, then back to my client site office and a couple of scheduled meetings there and plenty of visio and text layout in Corel WordPerfect... Why does anybody use this software? Besides peeps like me that are forced to?
~ as noted elsewhere - but worth repeating - I'm all about wishing a happy birthday to my pal in South Africa, teaser.
~ hoping for the gods of "it'll be ok soon" to attack dawnmarie who apparently had a nasty accident - hurt her leg (and I have not details) bad enough to warrant hospital time and family support. She's such a sweetheart... I hope she's ok.
~ oh,... and some good vibes out to my friend (and proly yours) wolfiegirl who needs warm tea and sleep...

* yes I know, clearly one of the most repulsive words in the english language.
** choco covered espresso beans
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