Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ok, so another Friday night... sometime close to 9:00 both little goobs will be asleep only to want to be up and partying at 7:30 - regardless of what time idiot dad goes to bed... "idiot dad" applies, cause I'll prol'y go to bed around 2:00 am.
What to do, what to do... well, as one of my friends says... it'll certainly spliferific regardless of what I actually do!

I'm thinking music, mess with a web site, beg for sex, (doesn't actually work - that only happens when I'm not crawling across the floor dying from 'retension' issues... go figure), maybe watch Farscape (if it's a new one - new to me that is...) do a little menu planning for this big monster shin-dig here on Sunday (sis in law and father in law birthdays).

More music, spliferificalistic (whoa... that works as a word ... splif - er - if - ic - al - is - tic or maybe supercalifragilisticexplialidocious! ahh whatever!

Hey listen, for anybody that actually gives a ##$@, those little song quotes from garbage are for the bennefit of some friends that are into this Excite Voice Mail deal... I call 'em up and leave a message (the quote) without a name then artfully put the quote in my journal ... gee, pretty complex eh...

What a goof.


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