Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


... must... find... crack...

having withdrawal here... I can barely stomach the coffee that's available here... my caffeine* consumption has dropped by at least 75% since I started this contract...

Do you know allyn?? Why not? Did you know that he is a god?

warm fuzzies my brother... and I say that with all the conviction I possess.

* caffeine: This is how the spell checker in the Lj client tells me to spell this word... and it just doesn't look right to me... **

I can still see John Lovit doing a guest spot on Friends muttering "Tartlettes... tartlettes? the word has lost all meaning!" Sometimes words just vanish or fail to properly achieve critical mental mass... like "groom" ... basically a sound... or a noise word, like "bang" or "boom"... groom.... grrrrrrooooom!

PS: As I explained here I'm still hoping somebody watched X-Files last night and can explain to me what happened in the last 10 minutes... (whimper...)
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