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got me a little bit of a bean going on... meaning... I really need to bean something... "Hello, I am Jacks repressed aggression."

hahaha... well, thankfully I'm managing to be outrageously happy as a rule today so I guess I can deal.

Work is going great... Ah got me a big'ol flip chart to play with... fear me!

My pal, luker may very well have fixed my sendmail problem (may the heavens part and rain riches on this guy)... and I'm off to another meeting... more on that later.

Have I mentioned that I'm about ready to hammer nails again? jeez... I'd ask for someone to gimmi a hand with this... but the jokes would prol'y drown me. :D

Later skaters... Have a great day and oh, a friend mentioned in her journal yesterday about her exp with the power of a smile... you know, the smile that passes from person to person... I've been digging this for years... do me a favour... smile at a stranger... NOT with a demonic look in your eye... dooof... the idea is to say hey... I choose to smile, what are you gonna do? Chances are they're gonna smile too.

see ya later.
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