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wow... captain excitement here... me, my cam, and my cup of coffee... working on sendmail, etc.

Oh, I bought a toilet tonight. After dinner I took Ed on a whirlwind tour of shopping requirements... new pound of heroin (coffee) from the specialty coffee house, milk and cream (and an appliance lamp) at the grocery store and (ta da!) a new toilet at Home Despot!

Remember that toilet that gave me a reason to wash the walls? Yea, well the verdict's in and it's curtains ol'turbo toilet 1000. It's time for this years model. This, of course, means that I get to join the ranks of losers (notice the proper spelling of "losers") that face trash day with an actual toilet sitting at the end of their laneway. I mean, come on... you can't drive past that without staring at the toilet and glancing up to the house... Then next time... "oh, look honey, that's the house with the toilet...."

Any ways... word 'em up homies... (like y'all need that advice... sheesh :D)

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