Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

a few quick things...

gotta get myself outta here...

1. I have a remarkably sore toe. Big toe, left foot.

2. today was a rocket day... I managed to get about a weeks worth of work done in one shot... now - of course - I'm bagged... and I have to keep at it long enough to get sendmail cooking at home. Lack of regular email makes me very unhappy. (note: all my lj stuff goes down on a hotmail account...)

3. I AM SICK AND TIRED of shitty coffee... somebody please come a build a starbucks next door to this building ... pleaseeeee!

You only want to be attractive to strangers...
They are the only people that do not see how beautiful you are...
I understand. I do. But do strangers really count.

K, gotta jet... love you guys... you know that right? later.

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