Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


two things...

I'm sorry about that last post not properly warning ya when I first put it up... geez I hope nobody got in trouble... and if you did... you prol'y deserved it for other terrible things you did when you were a child so consider this pay back ... Seriously though, I'll be certain to include the requisit warnings...

My Hair... I do have hair... I have not had a hair cut since January 2nd... um...well specifically here (man, my life is an open book huh...) oh, and it looked like this before the cut...

So my hair in the pic this morning is still wet from the shower and hair goop i use to keep it reasonably "business like" for the day... I've usually messed it up right-good by the end of the day... and hair with hair goop in it messes up real-good!!!

k... next interview comming up... later.

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