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swish swish...
It's loud pant's day again... no they're not bright orange, they just make a lot of noise (swish swish).

Because I was so completely fucked last night - I relapsed at 4:00 am.(another migraine) and had to re-medicate - totally sucks. So I DID NOT wake up with the alarm and we all ended up sleeping in - how is this relevant? This means that I went to moms' with zebra to drop off kiddies* and then get a drive to the 'park and ride' - place to catch a bus downtown. I had to endure the totally crying lil'ed at the door... sure he loves going to Anya's (Hungarian name used for my mom - it's a grandma kind'a term) but he hates saying good bye to m&d.
Both my little goobs are stuffed up and coughing... "Daddi my nobe as a dig booga..." ahhhh winter.

* Thursdays, my mom takes both our little kiddies for the day and Zebra goes to work... one day at home and one day in the office equals two days a week... this is very good... She went out last weekend and bought clothes... Let me say wo and ho in a great big wohooo. great shoes, two outstanding sweaters (best one is black w/ kind of a cable knit to it and red trim... one of those 'don't tuck me in sweaters) and a pair of black pants that make me want to drop everything, rip the shower curtain down, throw it over the bed, grab the vegetable oil and ... oh wait,... he he ... I'll just keep that to myself.

(hey bourbon... any better?)

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