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Ebay (via a courier) tried to deliver our new camera on Friday... my fingers are crossed that it arrives today... If it comes via regular mail then there is little chance that you can avoid the duty... but with courier companies you do sometimes get away with the whole "gift" thing.

I installed the firewire port yesterday on Z's computer so we'll be burning cd's of the movies we make... and I'm looking forward to posting some little video moments. :D


snow squeaks under foot
snow pants swish and children laugh
everywhere, laughing


Ed wound: While reaching for the cat yesterday afternoon Ed missed the cat and managed to catch his needs-to-be-clipped nail on the very tiny edging of the front panel on the dishwasher... result: it ripped half his nail off... you know, right down into the middle of his tiny little finger... it freaking hurt like shit... this was made obvious by the very serious hand waving and rapid fire cries that instantly erupted from my little guy. We washed it, froze it under cold water... then put "magic powder" (Medicated BFI powder - no idea but this stuff is magic) and Band-Aid on it.... it bled like crazy.

Ed and the Cat:

Edward has this thing about our cat, Buster. He wants to play with her. No, I mean he wants her to play kitchen, play board games, lego... want's her to do stuff... But he's decided that she spends too much time using all four legs to walk and therefore can't play well with lego and stuff.... Sooooo, the current job for Ed is teaching Buster to walk upright. In this pursuit, he will grab the cat under her forelegs and below her wee chinny chin chin and lift so the cat looks like some kind of crucified furry thing, and walk her around the house...
Dress up with the cat is more successful... Ed puts all manner of costumes on the cat.
What is amazing is that the cat puts up with this stuff...

ok, back to work.

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