Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en Lj...

So, no pic today... do you know how long I've been doing this? The morning post thing? It's kinda feaky.... and I love that there are friends that actually read it. Well, I hope to have the system up before I sleep tonight... if that means I have to drive my buddy luker crazy... well, thats the price you have to pay... (ok ok ... just kidding luc!)

Um, if there was any question before, the light is clearly shining on just why they are called the Agolden globes@... wowzers.

~ gray ftls
~ dk/gray dress pants...
~ the big dk blue turtleneck.
~ ug... well I have some heavy stuff to get done with client #1 this morning...
~ have to do a presentation to client #2 this aft...
~ so there'll be some running around town to be done.
~ well, the obvious... that my systems came up more readily last night...

Normal talk:
thbings didn't work the way I expected them to (d'uh) so now I need to bang away at it for a while to find the issues and resolve them.

Geek talk:
Essentially, I just need to spend more time banging away at the services on the server. "pppoe" is not starting up on during the boot sequence but will start manually (and yes I've linked a start-up script - however I put it in rc3.d as S06 in redhat 7.2) and I can't keep "ipv4 forwarding" to stay "true", although /etc/sysconfit/network includes the appropriate line element.
I haven't even started to deal with bind or sendmail... let alone apache.
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