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Post imatrix (imitrix?) - too lazy to go check the box - numb.
:: I posted that last note while in a black fog that comes over me when the giant invisible vice starts crushing my skull..
- I'm told my eyes get so dark they look like holes into my head when a migraine is coming on...
Thank fucking god and all that is holy for really good drugs. I discard more of my migraine meds than I actually take - shelf life and all - but when I need it I am so glad it's there for me...
I open this little tube and load this thing that looks a lot like a kids toy (which occurs to me is a stupid thing! it should look at least as scary as one of those new fangled in-the-ear-electronic-thermometers) and then caulk (sp?) it like a handgun... hold it against my thigh ... press a button ... and ... SNAP. But I am hearing that some of the newest drugs use a nasal inhaler...
Thank you! to my friends that sent little notes of encouragement... I read them when I got home from worque (Zebra had to bring meds and drive downtown to get me) before I went to bed. Up after dinner hour and now I just feel a numb...
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