Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Ok... so I'm back...
Ju-jitsu and swimming (and requisit Tim Bits following the hard work!!) down...
Cleaned up the kitchen.
ahhh Z is up and in the shower... I'm brining her a coffee... think I'll get a tip?
So I'll be off to the doc's soon.

I noticed this lady at the "parents wait here" zone while swimming lessons were going on giving me the once over... kinda looking at my neck... Sooooo I'm thinking ... ya I got me some neck... Ok, I didn't think that... actually I felt self concious for a moment but I'm too tired to worry 'bout it and I forgot all about in short order.

Home and while cleaning the kitchen up I decide "hmmm time to pee...". So off I go to the washroom. Shake shake and zzzzzzip up, turn and BINGO ... there, hanging from the collar of my shirt, over my shoulder, sorta stuck in the the neck of my shirt? Why it's a lovely black thong... nice little cotton panel displaying in all it's glory. Yuppers... nothing says loven like clothes straight from the dryer.

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