Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

careful, the excitement never actually stops!

So theres this thing I've been doing... (this is going to sound really anal) but we have ceramic tiles in the bath/shower stall in the "en suite" bathroom. The tiles are black with speckles... maybe 6 x 4 in. Over time they get a serious scum on ... I'm thinking you know what I mean... and it's a right royal pain in the slap-target to get ‘em clean.

So like four months ago, I made a pact to keep 'em clean. So every single shower (no exceptions) before I finish, I grab this scrub brush and squeeze a bit of Vim (or whatever we bought last time) and wash a row of tiles... just one row... takes les than a minute to do... but baybeeee... lemmi tell ya! ... you can use those tiles like a mirror. (go me) :D

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