Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


snow... seems a little snow still reduces most drivers to addle brained doofi! (that was my rendition of a plural dofus...)

oh and I kinda won the bus lottery today... do you know what a bus lottery is?

Speaking of bus's... this one is crawling ... just crawling along the commute. I'm going to be soooo late for work today.

~ gray ftls... (nothing compares to snug, new boxers)
~ dk gray / blue dress pants,
~ dk blue long sleeve p-z
~ still doing the little shot of DG after I shave...
~ to submit an expense report (it's been three months)
~ hmm... maybe watching temptation island 2 tonight... Z is into it and I kinda get hooked when the losers start losing...
~ somewhere out on the southern Atlantic is a ship with nbbmom and petermarcus kicking back on a well deserved vacation... but it's more than half over. I'm just imagining how wonderful their trip has been and wishing them all the best as their trip wraps up. Geez, i'll bet she misses her lil'nick. I can't recall if she's been away from him like this before.
~ are you reading this? (no, not you... this has to do with that "lottery" comment) I wanted to tell you how nice you looked but I have to be more careful than that... don't I - peeps today are basically one compliment away from being labeled a psychopath....) I hope you have a nice day... and put those mittens on for the ride home. :D
~ I hope krizsa managed to listen to herself and get some sleep last night... the little "note to self" thing was so cute...

Ok... I got this thing... this thing going on. Kind of an itch that needs scratch'en. Can't really talk about it here... maybe in another post. bottom line though... there are some small pleasures in life... and when you find 'em at just the right time... wow.

Oh, and on another note... I was given a link to an on-line South African newspaper yesterday. I'm going to make a real effort to absorb it on a regular basis.
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