Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


up too late again... gotta get me in the sac... haha... what a goof.

TV was a blast... except z and I kept cracking gay jokes at Enterprise... like, well, watch that show sometime but imagine all the guys are gay. There are sooooo many pauses (dramatic affect?) in the dialog ... perfect places to add your own gay men on long space missions dialog...
"I'll have the warp coils re-calibrated within the hour sir."
"Excellent Trip... " [insert] "now, quick, no ones looking,... bend over for a sec."
- or -
"Ensen? Join me in my ready room." [insert] "I thought we'd watch some gladiator movies I brought from home..."

ahh yes... tv. endless fun.

G'night Lj... see ya in the morning...

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