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Hiya LJ... what a night... I waste (no offense please!!!!) a significant amount of time reading about my friends in LJ and WAITING FOR EVER for the servers to let post replies!

I've been hoarding a couple of video tapes from last week saying to myself "Self, you've got to find time to relax... watch that movie you taped and - like all my RW friends tell me - watch Dark Angle. So I blocked time, made fresh coffee, selected a few Halloween nummies that I'm not totally sick of yet and sat down ... to find that I absolutely suck at labeling video tapes. Crap! I have a tape of Buffy the beat'em up girl, but no dark angel? and the movie? Forget that... FF 'ing through two whole tapes looking to see where - if at all - I've taped something only to be totally disappointed blows!

So, tonight is another Dark Angel night and I will get this right this time. (fingers and toes crossed).

Busy day about to start, so c ya later.

ps. nextproblem! I hope things are ok for you today.

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