Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en Lj...

Things that make you go hummmmmm day....

hummm... Sometime around 10:30 my ex-boss, now account rep will show up in my office at this client site and hand me a precious box ticket to tonight's Senators game... you know, the game where the Phili Flyers will get all beat up and embarrassed. It's the night our company entertains the clients I'm working for on this contract. So, I'll be, um... occupied tonight. :D

~ dk blue cotton cargos... gotta love that velcro ripping sound...
~ big turtleneck... a warm corto is a happy corto...
~ hmm... well, work of course...
~ have a few posts in mind...
~ I have an appointment today at lunch... I was going to take the car to work... but a night of snow and a day of snow would have made that a general pain in the ass, so I'm a bus boy and I'll cab it to the appointment. Sitting here on the bus I can see that this was a way good call... it's crawling out there... traffic that is.
~ hacking up a lung... yea I know, but this cough is really not done and now it's kinda "productive" (lovely eh?)
~ get heart burn at the hockey game.
~ that I could talk to shan on the phone one day soon... no reason... just cause.
~ I could do more...
~ that the things I can do were of greater value...
~ I could make you remember... we can only do out best and love while we do it... somebody bitches you out for this? you send 'em to me. I'll be happy to kick that chair out from under them the next time they try to climb up onto that high horse of theirs.

hummm... "Ginny is a football fan that likes to exercise and hopes to appear in playboy someday" Well, alrighty... (the caption beside the "sunshine girl" in todays Ottawa Sun newspaper...)

ps. I'm only 1/3 or the way to work... normally I'd be getting off the bus by now... the driving is just evil. hahaha.. the bus driver just came over the pa to say "I've got good news and bad news... the bad news is you are all going to be late for work... the good news? You're going to get there a hell of a lot earlier than those guys!" (gesturing to the car drivers on the highway beside us...)

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