Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en Lj

Welcome to friday... finally. This has been a long week...

~ well, it's Friday, pick pick... (black)
~ it's all about denim... blue jeans, 3WV t-shirt and a denim shirt (company logo)
~ to write the finaly S3 update!! (kind of a yawn of a series, but the writing the updates has been fun!)
~ arranging a surprise for myself this aft... if it's all good, I'll share.
~ have some serious work that has to get done this morning...
~ oh, no corto werk-cam today... I decided to not push my luck on this client site until the contract has progressed a little more.
~ I could break a few patterns ... like the one that essentially paints an inevitable picture of how life is going to go when, at the end of a work day I feel so great I post a note that reads "today was fantastic"... Don't get it? Then you haven't known me very long... it'll make sense one day.
~ I got more sleep last night...
~ I had taped friends last night... I was so focused on S3 I totally forgot about Friends... the "biggy" episode with Joe and Rachel ... anyone? bueller?

Hey... Calista Flockhart (Ally) is going to be a preggers Ally McPleaseeastsomething.... Not in real life... but in the show... I kinda bailed on the show when whats-his-name was busted again and had to leave the show... but I can imagine some good "diss'en Ally" material coming from her portrayal of a preggers woman.

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