Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Ok... night lj...

just wanted to send a hopefull wish out to my very long long time Lj friend bair and say that I hope your dad is going to be ok...


tomorrow is the big Survivor 3 night... what a great run this series has been... I really enjoyed it. I don't even care who wins frankly... judging by all the other reality shows... i'd worry that Lex will win, purely because he's the last person I'd like to see win. Regardless ... it's been a blast.

Here is the whole series in review...

S3 Update 1
S3 Update 2
S3 Update 3
S3 Update 4
S3 Update 5
S3 Update 6
S3 Update 7
S3 Update 8
S3 Update 9
S3 Update 10
S3 Update 11
S3 Update 12
S3 Update 13
S3 Update 14


g'night Lj...
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