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buzz lightyear

Ok... me = el magnifico!

We got this computer game for geo last year "Buzz Lightyear and Star Command"... a progressive game... earn medals and advance to the next, harder level. We got stuck totally freaken stuck on Ice World about 4 months ago.

Well oh well oh well.... we cracked that bad boy tonight... all three battles... I never have to sit frustrated out of my mind trying to win my way through the frigging ICE WORLD again...

Oh, did I mention that George plays the game himself often... "but that's just play dad. When we really go for it... you have to do it!" Yea... so I end up sitting there playing the game with Ed and Geo pulling on my shirt, screaming in my ear and diving off the bench... (big 4 seater bench in front of the computer*).

* Bench... take an old crummy coffee table... cut a piece of 4 inch foam to fit the top and glue gun a big ol' piece of fabric pulled tight over it... four seater bench for the kids computer table.. (totally z's work... all I did was inherit the old crummy coffee table..)

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