Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Survivor Predictions

(for corgi)...

There are two competitions left...

But will there be immunity associated?

What are the comps for if not for immunity?
Regardless, Nana Thong Butt wont win unless it's a competition to see who looks the most haggard and shakes the most... and Tom can't win shit unless it's a challenge to see who has the biggest grossest boil on their necks... So Ethan and Lex are in the game for winning challenges...

1) Ethan and Lex make the final two... and the jury pics Ethan... (this is how it should go...

- or - If Lex screws something up from overconfidence...

2) Tom and Ethan make the final two... again, Ethan wins...
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