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Morning lj

edit: Yikes!!! I left the cam on and the wednesday pic updating... I'm going to sub in another pic... and sorry about that...

This is George... he was up with his gameboy when I got up and wanted to sit in on the morning pic... it's amazing how much love'en this little guy likes to take in. He's six now and for the past three years (solid) he's been waking up before dawn and sneaking into bed with Z and I... and of late, Ed (the 4 year old) has been struggling out of his upper bunk bed to sneak in on mom's side. Bottom line? when my alarm goes off at 6:15 there's four people in that bed... yea ok, two of them make pretty small dents in the snow if I chucked 'em out the window but still... I mean, for example, Ed refuses to have covers on... so he climbs into the bed, goes directly to sleep and then kicks the covers off and if that means dragging the covers off of us... then so be it.
I know... one day - one day soon - they will both be busy growing up and the idea of crawling into bed with m&d will be a distant memory...

~ it's a swish swish day... got the noisy charcoal p-z cargo's going on today...
~ (ug) actually have a p-z long sleeve on too, but the sweater will keep anyone from noticing my "matching"
~ today is going to be a killer day... I have to manage the fix of a java app in Ottawa east from my office at the new client site... another double billing day...
~ there's a new West Wing on tonight... a 2 hr enterprise (is it the pilot?) and the AMA's are on... going to have to tape WW and sample the others...
~ ok,... I've been playing her (lj) for over a year and a half... and in all of that time I've managed to have a special group of friends I call the K's. Today, well, this week, things are really happening for the K's... so my wishes today are all about hope... hoping that a K manages to keep herself calm in sunny so-cal and another K can keep from exploding in anticipation in Charlottesville, and that the other K sorts out the job zone in Cortez... you guys know my thoughts are with you.

hilderbee? hon? you need to email me at when your up and playing at your computer... I need to ask you some stuff if you have a few minutes...

ps. I write these morning posts sitting on a bus using a HP Jornada 820... today was cramped city on the bus... writing under the eye of this lady beside me... I was sooo tempted to write pure porno and freak her out... but alas, I was feeling kind. :D

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