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just put a new "optical" intellimouse on Zebra's pc... I'll put the other one on my pc later... very neat little new toy. I like it...

Today has sucked major eggs... I've been in a snit all day... getting a few hours sleep prol'y didn't help, but man am I wound up tight or what!

It's our 'every two months' (would that be bimonthly?) night out with a two other couples... we're all about the same age, with kids and very much the same situations in life... daddy works (all geeks) mommy stays home with kids and does ad-hoc contract work and we all don't get enuf social time... so once every couple of months we rotate (us, them, the-other-them) houses to entertain... Now all I need to do is stop being in such a crap mood. Maybe a putting on a little buz will help - although I'm soo tired already it'll prol'y make me want to go curl up on our friends couch.

Shoo, what's a mimosa? Your always having one, and unless it's a type of drink I am seriously confused.

Somebody please have a great Saturday night and then tell your journal about it... if mine turns out crummy at least I can vicariously enjoy yours...

(what a goof,... I know I know..)

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