Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Edwards birthday is NOT TODAY... :D (grin... but it's very sweet to see so many well wishes... missplaced as they are.) His b-day is Jan 27th!!)
ug... ok, so after I got home last night... Z was watching "The Enlgish Patient" and then through on "The Mexican" which we did not finish... it was tooooo freaking late... so bed at 3:30... up since 9:15 (thank god I got to sleep that long).

Fed the boiz... now I'm checking email with a nintendo playen rug rat buzzing around ... :D

~ same ol' same ol' saturday "just woke up clothes..."
~ sweat pants and shirt...
~ can't think... no idea what ... oh... the party is tonight...
~ ok, Iron a shirt! officially in the plan Ironing a shirt.
~ I think I'll wear the black dress shirt... :D
~ but a shower is definately in the "required" catagory.
~ well, I wish that I was still asleep and dreaming of something fun...
~ I wish that (again) there were more pictures of you guys showing up in lj... actual normal pics of what you look like... although robont style pictures are fun too...
~ I wish I could take a whole day to just do nothing but play with the new server and make it ready... that would mean getting rid of z and the boiz for the day and that is just not something that happens... first time pregnant people be ware!!! you will almost never ever be alone again! :D

K... off to check email...

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