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A little mouse told me this cute story 'bout a game the family plays with words. It reminded me of a game we used to play... called "stinky pinky". It gets it's name from the game example. Let's say I said to you (or emailed you) two words; "smelly" and "finger". You'd have to think up the rhyming couplet to rep the two words. Hence, stinky pinky. Now, I know it sounds silly... but it's one of those things... it's just as funny between a parent and a child as it is between a room full of stoned head-bangers... Not being able to quickly think of the rhyme drives ya nuts. I remember (in my yut - al la "my cousin vinny" - super movie) our phone ringing in the middle of the night and it would be my moms best bud calling to WAKE HERE UP with her guess... she'd get it right and then yell out two more words and hang up... There'd be my mom in the morn'in a tad bit sleep deprived try'en to figure out the rhyme.

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