Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en Lj.

hi ho, hi ho... it's off to work I go...
Managed to get on the bus with last months bus pass, something the bus nazis are all about not letting you do lately... of course, getting on a bus when it's still dark out means i could have flashed a sling shot at him... So today I start working at "The Department of #####" - I wish I could just say this stuff but good advice says don't do it.. (It's a gov department). I have no idea if I'll be able to post let alone read lj... The feds are notorious for fire wall blocks... I know, I used to work there... We'll see soon enough. Bottom line, i miss you already.
~ black snug ftls
~ dark gray/blue dress pants - cuffed
~ bk sox with little white diamonds (exciting stuff eh!)
~ the big turtle neck sweater...
~ I'm still liking the no tie rule for this job... :D
~ on watching the second to last Survivor episode tonight... I'm going to try and format and post all the updates into my web site this week (the updates for S2 are there)... and why? nobody will read them there... yes I know, but I have hopes of showing off to somebody some day ok? leave me alone! LOL...
~ doing my now late December Time Sheets at lunch....
~ on handing out a little tlc at home... seems like Z is coming down with what I had over the holidays... and if it is? well i felt like total crap most of the time...
~ to introduce you guys to a girl on Lj called no1topaz... she's been a friend for a while and I really think you'd like her. I'm just saying... go check her out...
~ that my friend... ok, my amazingly precious friend kym (nbbmom) gets her health back right quick... it sounded like she was getting a flu bug and that's gonna really piss her off! I hope your ok sugar shack.

Listen, just a couple of thoughts...
~ looking back over the lead up to this holiday season, I remember hoping with all my heart that things would be peaceful and happy for my friend billijean. So much has been going on in her life... saying her plate has been full would be an understatement. To see how much joy, warmth and happiness has filled her holidays (at least that's what the journal entries say...) makes me believe in Santa Clause all over again.
~ it's 2002... I hope and pray that I will be able to keep the connections I've made in the last year (you guys!) and carry them through this year. You guys are just fanfreakingtastic! (and I'm still in shock about getting a gift of music from carrie)

ps. I so fucking wish I lived in perma summer. I love winter sports but I could do without the damn snow... the cold... the boots... the big obnoxious coats... shit. Like Denver without the pollution would be sweet! Mountains of snow a short drive away.... grrrrrrr!

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