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Oki-doeki. Once again I am possessed w/ the complete NEED to try and express myself.... I'm looking at the calendar... it's November 2, 2000. It was about 600 years ago this week (ok, only a few months - July 6 to be exact) that I put my first tentative entry in the journal... You know, at the get go, I thought this would be a useful way to move information back and forth between the office and a client site... (long story)
So, anyways, it feels like soo long since this got going mostly cause I am addicted and cannot imagine how it felt BLJ (Before LJ). I have been able to get a hold of so much positive energy - good vibrations (i know, i know, he's dead... or is he? Is brian wilson doa?) - surround me.
Live Journal is like this totally awesome comfortable hug I get every morning and every night... Thank you.
I want to get the energy (time) to tell a story about an LJ friend that needs telling but it's not quite over yet and I sorta want to ask her if it's ok that I talk about it... It is an awesome story of courage and achievement. I hope I get to tell it, and even if I don't ... how the hell else in my life would I get to have the karma that I posses just by knowing jen's story? If this place was a bar, I'd be a bar fly!
Later LJ... I gotta get a report done...

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