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How to kill a day...
- commute to work
- cab to clients
- sit upon ass all day waiting for client to give you a log-on account.
- get sick of waiting and cab back to office
(get the idea)

On a lighter note, I got to dig a hole on the weekend! Feeling tres smarty-pants, I decide to make the kids a sand-box, but just to be an idiot, I wanna make it a circle! A sand circle!

The idea is that I have an unused garden table umbrella (big) and I figure I can use a little pvc tube-bit to make a mount for that over the sandbox (sand circle!!) So, I'll get garden border (black pvc stuff to 'edge' with) and landscaping fabric, dig a concave pit, line it with the fabric and edge it with the trim, lay in some nice interlock-like bricks around it and FILL IT WITH SAND.

Wow. I bet somebody out there has awards for how badly this went. (it did ultimately work out ... I think)
- Lets see, 30 foot long garden edge stuff, so the radius of the circle should be.... Hello grade 10 algebra, grade 11 geometry? Where'd u go? I tried C=pie are squared, plugged in the 30 for C and ended up with r=3 (actually 3.09) So I have a 6 foot wide (Diameter) circle... AND I have about 8 extra feet of Garden Edging stuff ??????? Was the "C=pie are squared" equation wrong?
- Where I live, there is three inches of lovely soil then 10 feet of solid CLAY. Concave pit!!!! ha. After sweating it out for half a day, I managed a marginally concave, not very deep, hole.
- Ever try to push that edging stuff into a crevas? How 'bout pushing it into the crevas with the lanscaping fabric included?
- LANSCAPING FABRIC... I went to a fair amount of trouble to line the sand circle with the weed-blocking fabric. Then I start a think'en... how many weeds are going to grow up through the CLAY!!!!!! (crap)
- No interlocking stones yet...
- Now its off to the store for sandbox sand... Nope, not there, try another store. Nope, not there either, try another store... and so on and so on and so on... Somebody is delivering a "load" of sand to my laneway today (I hope)
- I recommend buying a "Little Tykes Turtle Sandbox" (Comes with sand and a lid)

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