Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


nighti night lj.

ps. I can tell it's officially winter by the slight slurping sound that my hands emit when ever they come within a few inches of a bottle of moisturizer. if I actually put some on, the sound becomes a garbled gasp followed by prolonged sucking sounds.

pps. way too much shrek goin on around here. Geo wanted to discuss the relative untruth to the idea that you get jelly if you squish an eyeball... I told him you did actually get jelly and that it tasted really gross... he also commented, out of the blue, during dinner that "you know, Shrek has a good point .... that a donkey can just talk too much." We nodded...

um, had a panic attack tonight when I shut down my server ( and the firewall to strip away some parts from that server - I'm starting the build of the new redhat7.2 server ... and when I tried to bring it up again I couldn't get my connection to kick in... went on for about an hour and a half of thinking I was going to be off line for days... any ways, it's (obviously) working now, so tomorrow is the start for the new server build... I hope to make a serious upgrade to the server supporting my web site and all those files (etc.) I'm hosting for folks. :D

nighti night...

ok... gotta sleep.
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