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Survivor 3 Update!

Survivor III : Update

The VISA Episode

Wherein almost everybody bawls their eyes out, an old goat farmer gets hammered and put to bed by a painted boi, and guess what? The bush accepts visa!

Ok... so I know it was a promo number!

Epi Quick Hit : The Show in 75 words or less...
Ethan, deep pensive cutie pie Ethan is sooooooo alone. The gang's family sends video tear jerkers and, btw, does not appear to actually know these jungle jumpers. Jeff hands Lex his visa card (yea right) and uses it to return Tom to his natural condition, drunk. The gang breaks earthenware pots for immunity, making Tom untouchable - and who would want to any ways. Lex refers to the jury as peeps having taken the "walk of shame" (can you spell YOU CANNOT WIN) and the girl that broke off her marriage at the last minute is under fire. Nana Thong Butt can't be trusted so Candy Kim gets the boot.

Frank's I-Am-A-Freak Quote of the week!
"Hi Honey I'm home."

Best Quote
Jeff: "what will your mom say is your least favorite body part?"
Kim (lil'Kim): "My small chest..."
Kim's Mom: "Her arms..."
Jeff: "What will she say is your greatest achievement?"
Kim: "Calling off my wedding at the last moment."
Kim's Mom: "blah blah blah..." (not the wedding)
(again! bwaahahahahahaa)
Got a few issues there Kim?

Moto Magi
Life in the clan of the cave bear is basically one script, three players, and extras that have no clue. Ethan, Thong Nana and Tom seem to be all on the same page with everything while Lex, Teresa and Kim putter around in the dark.

The reward challenge opens with a series of short video segments. Each jungle kid gets a "hi, how are ya" from home... Ethan sniffles, Teresa tears up good, Lex has his lip quivering and eyes running, and Kim? bawling openly... camera stays on her long enough to be the recipient of a well expressed "Leave me the fuck along" face. Tom? His wife hides behind a horse (so we see her head only) and his son and brother are with their girlfriends on a tractor (note: those may have just been average run-of-the-mill goats and not girlfriends... hard to tell).

The actual challenge turns out to be a "We asked your family questions about you... we want you to guess what they said." deal.
~ what is your biggest fear?
~ what is your greatest achievement?
~ what was your most embarrassing moment?
~ what is your least favorite body part?
The number of wrong answers and the distance between what they said and what the guesses were.... I mean really, do these people actually know one another?

Lex wins the challenge... and his prize is to take Jeff's VISA card (that gets full screen display...) and go to the "Governors Camp" for a night of finery and a morning after balloon-ride safari. Well VISA sure paid for this adventure - or should I say "our visa interest charges sure paid for this adventure". Lex gets to take a friend and he picks ol'Tom. (btw, at that point I thought "hmm... I'll bet Kim is toast"). When they get to the well decked out tent (I'm stressing that it was a tent!) they give a visa impression to lil'miss helper girl. Then they go on a safari to see the "wildebeest migration" yea, whatever. They never left the reserve so, go figure.
Tom over drinks... d'uh.
They go in a hot-air balloon to see the wild's of the reserve... they saw this way cool lion-hunting-wildebeest take down... rather prophetic of what is to come.
When they get home the gang is kinda acting like sucks about not getting to go on an adventure...

Then come immunity. This was a free for all throw sticks at pots with peoples names on them deal. Break all the pots with someone's name on it and they're out. Last name on a pot ... immunity. There was this cute moment when Teresa and Candy Kim give a silent and quickly stiffled cheer as Lex looses a pot. (grin)
Tom wins this one. The camp games that lead to the council session include a segment of Teresa shoring up support from Nana Thong for a girls against the boiz. And Nana seems to be on board. She's not.

At council Lex is talking and he refers to loosing the vote as having to take the "walk of shame"... camera pan pans on the Jury. They were not impressd with the comment. :D

The vote is 3 for Lex and 4 for Candy Kim.

Now it's down to the wire.

The show is over on January 11.

My money is on Ethan versus Nana and Nana not getting the votes.
Winner Ethan.

ps. I'll change my mind a bunch. :D

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