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Merry Ho Ho... Lj

Here I sit just a 'waitin for the kiddies to fall asleep… a time consuming process on Christmas eve.

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Soon though, we will be bringing packages up from the basement, poking hoof prints on the front walk where we all sprinkled "reindeer" food, and eating some cookies (leaving crumbs!!).

My day has been filled with attending to my cold and letting Christmas climb inside for a visit. Before I go and do the Santa stuff for my family, I wanted to share the words I wrote for my Christmas cards… with you and your families.

A Christmas message...
Behind all the good-natured fun, happy experiences shared and difficult moments that surfaced, a friendship has been growing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being a friend. Life can be complicated but immensely more enjoyable when it is shared and experienced in the company of friends. May peace and good will towards others find light in your days and comfort in your nights.

These are my hopes for you....

People play in Lj for their own reasons, and while the reasons may often be denied or unseen, they exist none-the-less. It is a pleasure beyond explaining to have made so many friends in Lj. Through our shared privacy and the writing of this wonderful living novel that reflects so many lives, I am comfortable and confident in saying that my real world has been made a better place. This is important and it is fantastic.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
and may you all have the very best hollidays.
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