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Ok... so I haven't actually had a cold this bad in maybe a year... and of course... on Christmas... arrrrgggg! I must seriously beat this 'cause I wanna go see Lord Of The Rings and not feel like ass through the whole thing.

I enjoyed watching "cast away" last night... kinda cool movie. I'm glad it didn't have a sad ending.

We had the first Christmas last night... We decided this year to have four separate Christmases this year instead of freaking the shit out of the kids all day tomorrow.... and driving ourselves nuts trying to get to everyones house on Christmas day... it's just too stressful and nobody ('specially me) is feeling up to it. So last night my In-Laws came over (yes, grampa is holding on... he's doing well actually... carry's an oxygen breather around with him...) and we did our gift exchange and had cookies, etc. So today, the boiz are playing with the stuff they got from Grandpa and Gramma...

~jeans... (ripped and snug... I like these jeans!!)
~ a gray t and my big 6 ton sweater with the extra long sleeves...
~ gray ftl's and comfy sox.
~ to take another cold cap to clear my stuffy head...
~ to play with Ed and Geo... and the first Christmas toys...
~ that I get a chance to post some Christmas wishes for my friends...

Board? Wanna read my 12 Days of Christmas story from last year? I posted this one segment at a time last year on the "run up to Christmas".

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