Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


"howdy howdy howdy... look... I'm Woody."

~ hmmm... comfort clothes...
~ sweatshirt, ginch, sweat pants, warm sox.
~ a bit of a wooly sock on my tongue.
~ well, removing the wooly bit for one.
~ shower, shave, dress all "it's my day off" like...
~ maybe go for the dolce and gabbana* regardless of day off status...
~ go shopping...
~ I had a supply of felt tipped markers!
~ still wishing for a second 'cam' so I could have one at work all the time
(I'm petrified that I'll break the one I have moving it back and forth on Fridays)
~ for sneaky bit's of joy to sneak up on my friends and bite 'em in the private parts... 'cause life is grand (or at least feels that way) and everybody deserves to have a private part bitten once in a while...

Daikan : my heart... filled with thoughts of you and your family. wondering how you are.

* gabanna, gabbana... too lazy to go find out... :D

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