Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ok... screw it...

I'm outta crack and I need more. I've held off for a few weeks now but that's it. MUST GET CRACK! Need my choco-espresso bean fix and I want it NOW!

Nothing like relying on chocolate covered drugs to manage your mood... The people that make valium and prozac really should look into this.

Prozac Nation
~ now covered in chocolate ~
~ don't just lick your problems... ~
~ bite 'em, chew 'em and promise to swallow ~
(Just like that guy you kicked out before breakfast)

Right after I remind the girl with a phallic mic lingering in front of her mouth that I can actually spell Led Zeppelin and think "Whole Lotta Love" is what I'd serenade her with. :D
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