Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en lj..

Well they just told me that 8 - 10 cm's of snow is in the offing for today... for those of you metrically challenged that's about 4 inches. Add in a couple of hours of freezing rain to kick it off and some good wind, there'll be cars in ditches left right and center. Some days are better than others to be a bus person.

~ black ftl's
~ black sox (white diamonds...) - I cannot imagine anyone caring but....
~ dark gray / hint-of-blue dress pants (cuffed)
~ blue T (for warmth) under a the silk new kinda groovy blue steel collared shirt
~ rockports...
~ to go to a significantly important contract interview at 3:00... my instructions include dress professionally, but NO tie ....
~ to study the subject matter all day.
~ to stand in a line at the post office soon after arriving at work... :D
~ to spend the day with headphones on... listening to nbbmom with a sign on my cubicle that directs visitors to "FO&D Just pretend you can't see me!"
~ for Kirsty to get a good poop-scooper for christmas.
~ that sugar ankle girl in cortez is doing ok (I wanna call you today!)

I love that show Alias (even if they do run inappropriate adverts for it during kiddie christmas shows!). Did you see the movie Dude, where's my car? ??? Remember the "twins"? Sydney (Alias super girl) was one of the twins... - um, the taller one.

Got yer chirstmas shopping done?

K, gotta git. I love you guys...
ps. I need to make a bit of trim...

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