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A run for the gold ... but no dice... do you see the time on that pic? I woke up at 7:54 and missed the 8:13 bus by 2 minutes. So I'm sitting on the "last chance" bus with all the other late sleepers. At least a few of the linen dents are wearing out of my face. Yes! I know I know... I went to bed way too late.

Do your kids sleep in your bed? No really. George has been waking up and crawling into our bed in the middle of the night for the last year... and now Ed is doing it... we wake up with these little book-ends that manage to take up more space than we do. It's all cute and stuff... but I am officially looking forward to the day they grow out of this.

~ blue jeans, blue mock neck (mock mock mock... go on, say it out loud three times...) and the dark blue sweater. (I really like this sweater... it has leather on the shoulders and a v-neck.)
~ to finish the hardware setup for this project at work today!! I have a new contract starting tomorrow... and I have to start over on one of the systems. (it's never a good day to be behind schedule, but today is especially ick)
~ to figure out a solution for the problems I had last night with the scanner and the camera software not working on Z's computer.
~ I could bend the universe around my finger and make the hopes and dreams of my friends come true... yea I know, big goal... but you gotta aim high to hit anything. I already have a few wee plans in place to get the "bend the universe" ball rolling but I need to get about it... time's a wasting!
~ people would play a game with me today... post a note today or tonight that introduces two of your friends to one another... you forget, sometimes, that all of your friends don't know each other - and so many of them have every good reason to be friends, except they just haven't met. I have a few matches in mind...

It's starting to feel a lot like christmas. I'm getting that itchy, sneaky, happy vibe crawling up my back that means I'm likely to slip into my own little santa zone. I've done no real christmas shopping to speak of yet... Z does all the kids, extended family stuff... usually gets a few good natured digs in about how "we're done" (the "we" being the dig), and has all the prezzies wrapped and stashed. The stashing was last night.

ps. say a word of hope for my friend stephiechai... it's time for her to have her baby... and we need to convince the baby of this! :D
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