Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

yikes... it's almost 1:30!

So I fried that ATI Fury card... the vid card I had picked up to slap in the upgraded pc I just built for Z... (new AMD Duron 900 mhz processor) and bought an ATI Radion 7200... which I promptly put in my computer and put my Viper 770 in hers.

I managed to get the win2k pro o/s installed on her system and all the frigging service packs and 'critical updates'... loaded a bunch of software and restored about half of her stuff... a totally geeky experience... but I ended up with a newer video card so I'm all happy.

Now I can start building the new web server (P2-400) to replace the current P90 that supports!!! RedHat 7.2!!! ok... enough geekish behavior huh!

I put a bunch of time into the christmas cards tonight... mostly design and layout... I should have this wrapped up and in the mail - um... - by Thursday? I hope they get to where they are going in time...

My little sick boi... Geo (big evil cough) just can't sleep... he keeps coming into the office surprising us both (z and I) and then I carry him back to his desk... meanwhile, Z is coughing her head off beside me... ack!!! I sure don't wanna get sick... I make a lousy patient... I just start popping Tylonal Nighttime Extra strength cold caps and pretend I'm healthy... (just a little dizzy is all... :D)

Any ways... it's off to bed for me... Have a nice night lj.

ps. Remember how you used to be able to go to the stats page and see the most recently updated journals and the newest "new" journals... that part's not there anymore... (poop)... anybody know where it's at? I like checking brand new journals to see why people started... and saying hi... someone did that minutes after I first made mine and it freaked me out - in a good way. :D

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