Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


brrrr! freezing cold and a jam packed bus. yea!

There was a hard frost last night... everything along the parkway )part of the bus route) is free from snow yet covered with a layer of white.

~ dk blue cotton cargos...
~ dem shoes... still haven't gone looking for new shoes (I loath new shoes)
~ the very big dk blue turtle neck.
~ a ginormous light blue marshmallow.. ok, it's a winter coat...
~ to finish the hardware contract I have at work...
~ to finish my christmas cards... eak!
~ to be late for a management meeting... why do they sched these for 8:30?
~ I am so full of wishes it's silly. Most of them are rather selfish so I'll keep 'em to myself for now... :D

what I need is a good dose of Kym.... and a solid hour of back reading lj.... I think I'm suffering from withdrawal.

ps. I think I need to put these morning posts back on "friends only... "

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