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So, not sure how to go about this one.
Let's see... LJ has been two things to me. Both clear as a bell in my head...

On the one hand I'm really grok'en this forum of expression... I get to say what I want and generally speaking, just plain ol'spit it out. Something on my mind... lj. I 'specially like it at work.

On the other hand I've found the process of interacting, replying, friending, etc. to give a whole new meaning to the expression "food of the gods" It's feeding me on so many levels that it's almost goofy. Maybe I'm missing something in my RW to get soo much out of this, but really, I have a pretty good RW life so I don't know...

When you click into your friends friends lists you get a sense of how cool LJ really is... mostly 'cause your struck with just how unlikely the connections you make really are.
Thing is, all of my life I've made close friends (versus 'lots of friends') and other than two or three key exceptions, all the people I would name as the most important friendships in my life would be girlz. Now before anybody even thinks of reacting to 'girlz' let me (please) get away with saying that everybody that is not male is a girl. In fact, I prefer 'boy' (or boi) to 'male'... lab animals are male and female - people I know (or sorta know) are boiz and girlz and people I don't know are men and women. Ok. Now back to the point of this...

Without taking anything away from the only noteable exception, my LJ friend list is all girls. Basically, just 'more of the same' on the theme of my life with friends.

Mush and gush time: I love you guys... I value my LJ friends immensly.

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