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Christmas Tree Snowmen... *
Craft Requirements:

2 danon drinking yogurt containers...
some cardboard
some black paper
two pipe cleaners
wrapping paper... you only need 5 square inches... but you use about 2 square feet getting it stuck to everything.
4 pairs of scissors (1 to use, 1 to get covered in glue, 1 for each kid to play with...)
two pairs of google eyes...
3 cloths... 1 to clean with, 1 for Ed to play with ... 1 to clean the mess up after...
liquid glue... enough to attach a Sherman Tank to a B52, you only use a teeny bit... but see "wrapping paper" above!
Tape... a couple of rolls... again, you only use a bit... but....
Vallium (100mg x 3) ok ok ... maybe not but it would have helped...
Infinite "craft" patience... A special kind of patience... required to NOT do the craft yourself, and to let glue, tape and wrapping paper covered, stabbing one another with scissors children do it themselves....
A cup of coffee.... for you.
A baseball bat... not actually required... but it helps to move things along.


Now it's off to Ju-Jitsu...

ps. I bought a A-Bit motherboard, 256 megs of ddram, a 900 mhz processor and a new 300 watt ps case... Going to rebuild Z's computer sometime this weekend and upgrade my web server with the left-overs... :D

*sorry if the pic loads super slow... working on it...

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