Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

I turned on the teli when I went to pick up sis (taking her to my mom's art show - another post pending on that) and what'd I see...
the last 5 minutes of "Of Mice and Men".
This really phuks me up - it really leaves a person in emotional pain.
'care to share' you say...

Note: Planning on seeing the movie, or reading the book... DO NOT read this post.

ok. If you've read or seen OMAM then you know what's what, if you haven't then let me totally coles-notes the movie... you'll get the idea.

Man-boy (stopped developing mentally at about age 7) meets drifter dude in depression era mid west USA. Develop mutual dream of living simply with a pig, a cow and chicken. Drifter dude (Gary Sinees) saves his nickels as the pair of 'em do casual farm type labour. Man-boy (John Malcovitch) is a big strapping physical being - hard worker.

Man-boy loves drifter dude - drifter dude becomes the center of his universe.

Bad luck puts the two of 'em on a farm run by this total shit-heal as casual labour. Shit-heal is the type that would have made sergeant in Vietnam and been killed by his own troops. Shit-heal is betrothed to slut-girl. Slut-girl gets kicks teasing the hired hands. Slut-girl teases man-boy. Man-boy hugs slut-girl. This (of course) breaks her neck - dead.

Drifter dude is first on scene and tells man-boy to run.
Shit-heal assembles a posse out for a lynch'en.
Drifter dude heads out into woods to find man-boy. He does.

Then the last five minutes of the movie happen.

Man-boy is desperate ... want's to be told what will happen to them now. Asks drifter-dude to retell the story of their imagined 'simple life'. Pained to the breaking point, drifter-dude tells the story and we hear the blood hounds in the distance...
When man-boy is on cloud nine, imagining the future, drifter dude puts a bullet in his head point blank.

The end.

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